What Wonder Spray Users Are Saying….

“Wonder Spray is a lifesaver for allergies! When I feel allergies coming on I spray it in my mouth and into my face. Within minutes my eyes stop itching and my sinuses clear. I keep a small bottle in my purse at all times.” – Laura F.


“Using it on eczema on the back of my hand and it is soothing and making the skin less rough. Anxious to try it for other things such as sinus as others have done.” – Don J.


“This product is amazing. I spray it in my nose to ward off sinus infections works like magic. And so many other uses if it hurts spray some on cuts, burns and many other things. I love this product. I have bottles in both of my bathrooms and in my kitchen.” – Vickie B.


“I have been using Wonder Spray for about 6 months now. I started using it for the smell of my feet and shoes, which worked “wonders”. Now my family uses it for a plethora of ailments. Any bug bite, scrape or minor skin irritation gets a quick few squirts, stopping any itch within seconds. My 13-year-old even uses it to keep her skin clear. I most recently used it for a sinus infection. It helped with duration and pain! Can’t say enough about this product!!” – Andrew B.


“Wonder spray… Amazing stuff! I’ve used it on a few different skin irritations, a rash, a scratch from a rose bush thorn and even a mosquito bite! Each time I got relief from the discomfort and I am sure they healed up faster usual! Great product.” – Judy C.


“My son has ingrown hairs on the inside of his thighs that result in small infected boils After I washing them I apply Wonder Spray 3 times a day It takes the soreness & redness out and just a few days the skin is healing. Great Product! We also use it on burns, it takes out the stinging sensation, help with the healing process.” – Cathy G.


“I have used this product for cuts and it expedited healing faster than other products I’ve tried. Eliminates any infection around the wound. My Grandkids love it because it alleviates itching from mosquito bites and poison ivy. I also use it to disinfect my toothbrush after each use.” – Russ F.


“Outstanding product, I had an infected eye with pain and swelling. I sprayed into my eyes for several days and Wonder Spray killed the bacteria and the pain and swelling were gone. I had surgery scheduled to remove a knot under one eyelid and it vanished so I was able to cancel the surgery. I now use it daily to prevent a previously recurring eye infection. Highly recommend this product!” – Erika J.


“I’m 16 and my face looked just like the girl on your website. After two weeks of Wonder Spray (even before then), I experienced a remarkable difference. All my friends at senior school here in Somerset, England, wanted to know where they could buy some.” – Lily T.


“I recently tried Wonder Spray. I had a cold and pretty bad sore throat. After a few quick sprays in my throat my throat felt much better and I recovered from my cold much faster than normal. I would recommend Wonder Spray to anyone as I really think it works!” – Bob B.


“Last night I started to feel pressure and pain in my right ear and knew it was a problem coming on. I’ve had a history of ear infections and it always takes a long time for them to heal. What did I do? I sprayed a couple of shots of Wonder Spray into my ear canal and this morning there is no more pressure or pain in my ear! Wonder Spray Rocks!” – Mark R.


“One month ago I went to see my ENT specialist and I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. The doctor wanted me to go on an antibiotic and Alegra D and I asked if I could try Wonder Spray instead and he agreed. 4 days later, my sinus infection was gone. The doctor believes that our Wonder Spray eliminates organisms from growing, lessening our chance of be becoming resistant and he plans to start selling it in his practice.” – Sheila C.


“My skin recently became irritated from the needle from my Omnipod insulin pump. I really did not want to switch out the company my pump is from because it was working so well for me. I decided to try out Wonder Spray and it worked! I no longer have a rash, irritation, or scaring. I also used it for my morning allergies and POOF gone! I am so glad this spray exists and I urge everyone to give it a try!” – Mariana C.


“I am a 72-year-old male in very good health other than having a long term (over six years) battle with large toe fungus. During this time I have tried several over the counter anti-fungal medications with little success. Eventually, I went to a local physician who prescribed Lamisil but also recommended periodically testing of liver function since the possibility of side effects with this medication. The costs associated with physician visits, medication and testing were quite high while my toe fungus didn’t exhibit any significant improvement after several months. Fortunately, a close friend recommends I try WonderSpray. After reading the WonderSpray website, I thought, why not give it a try since the cost was a small fraction of the monies I spent on all the other treatments. I started spraying my large toe once a day at night before bedtime. Now after six months my fungus has completely disappeared and I still have half a bottle of WonderSpray left. I am now a firm believer in this product and plan to use it for any other skin wounds as listed in the product insert. Thank you WonderSpray!” – Dennis S.


“So happy I purchased the large bottle. WONDER SPRAY really works. I came home from work and my husband had burnt his hand. He had cooked pasta and when he drained it not only did the steam burn his hand he also accidentally poured the water from the pot on his hand. He showed me his hand and it was bright red and throbbing. I told him do not worry I have a solution. I sprayed WONDER SPRAY on his hand and within a short time, it was no longer red and painful.

I have a new 4-month-old dachshund puppy who likes to bite me with his sharp Lil puppy teeth. A couple of times he broke my skin. I sprayed WONDER SPRAY on the cuts and they healed without becoming infected.

This multi-purpose product is a winner!!” – Victoria M


“This stuff is amazing! My wound is already healed. Now if I had used it when I slid off the rocks I wouldn’t have a scar. Where do you buy it?? My boomers group would love this as we were all talking about our thinning skin!!” – Richard P.


“I used the Wonder Spray on my arm where I had a small, itchy rash that wouldn’t go away. I wish I had taken a “before picture” to post here because it’s almost gone after less than a week of using Wonder Spray twice a day. Great product!” – Judy G.


“Using it on eczema on the back of my hand and it is soothing and making the skin less rough. Anxious to try it for other things such as sinus as others have done.” – Don J.


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