Universal Theory of Disease

In addition to gene defects, many cancers, and toxic environmental and physical causes like smoking and asbestos inhalation, there are essentially two reasons for all disease.

The major one is glucose toxicity causing the dysfunction of all of our organ systems which is caused by glycation – the chemical reaction of glucose with all of the proteins in our body. Glycated proteins no longer function like they should, leading to disease. Lysulin stops glycation safely and without significant side effects. Unfortunately, because of our addiction to sugar and carbohydrates we are all poisoning ourselves to death.

Here is my two-part universal theory of disease:

1. All organ problems are due to glycation. Lysulin stops this.

2. All other problems are caused by pathogens – bacteria, virus, yeast, mold and fungus. Wonder Spray kills all these safely and without toxicity. The active ingredient in Wonder Spray – HOCL – is what our white blood cells use to kill all of these pathogens. HOCL is 100 times as effective as bleach but is safe and nontoxic. Wonder Spray by another mechanism also provides relief from allergy symptoms.

I just have to convince the world.

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